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Distinct Product Quality

For any customer centric organization, providing a best quality product comes at top priority and for that they can go extra mile to achieve that quality . Similar, we being a customer oriented company, are focused on establishing and developing a strong and long term relationships with our clients by providing a superior quality Marble Ganesh Statue, Marble Goswami Tulsidas Statue, Gemstone Statues, Marble God & Goddess Statues, etc. Our talented professionals are always on their toes and give their best to serve our customers with supreme quality handicraft items. Regular market surveys are conducted to make sure that our product quality should be as per the market standards. The qualities that our products posses are excellent finishing, a good gifting item, fusion of traditional & modern patterns, artistic designs and lasting color effects.

Our Products

Our company is world widely famous for providing an extensive range of handicraft articles at competitive rates. These products are fabricated with high quality raw materials which are procured from our reliable vendors. The products we deal in are:

Marble Radha Krishna Statue

 Marble Radha Krishan Statue

 Radhe Krishna Statues

 Kishna Statues

 Marble Jugal Jodi

 Isckon Krishan Balram Statue

 Radha Krishan Moorti

 Marble Krishna Statue

 Ram Ji Idol

 Marble Radha Krishna Statue

 Marble God Statue

 Ganesha Moorti

 Marble Ladu Gopal Statue

Marble Ganesh Statue

 Marble Ganesh Statue

 White Marble Ganesha Murti

 God Ganesha Statues

 Ganesh Ji Statues

 Dancing Ganesh Statue

 Black Marble Ganesh

 God Ganesha Statue

 Ganesh Statue

 Marble God Statues

 Marble Ganesha Statue

 Ganesha Murti

Marble God Statues

 Maa Kali Statue

 Marble Narasimha Statue

 Nataraj Statue

 Marble Dattatreya Moorti

 Marble Ganesha Statue

 Ganesha Statue

 White Sai Baba Statue

 Shree Sai Nath Statue

 White Marble Durga Moorti

Marble Sai Baba Statues

 Marble Sai Baba Statue

 Sai Nath Marble Statue

 White Sai Nath Idol

 Sai Nath Statues

 Shirdi Sai Statues

 Sai Baba Idol

 Shree Sai Baba Statues

 Sai Babaji Statues

 Marble Shree Sai Baba Statue

 Marble Sai Art

 Marble Sai Baba Moorti

 Yellow Coated Sai Nath Statues

 Shridi Sai Baba Statue

Marble Ram Darbar Statue

 Marble Ram Darbar Statue

 Colored Ram Parivar Statues

 Ram Parivar Statues

 Ram Darbar Statue

 Shree Ram Statues

 White Ramji Statues

 Ramchandra Ji Statues

 Marble Ram Darbar Murti

 Rama Statue

Marble Shiv Parvati Statue

 Marble Shiv Parvati Statue

 Marble Shiv Parivar Statue

 Marble Shiv Parivar Statues

 White Shiv Parvati Murti

 Marble Parvati Statue

 Marble Shiv Ardhanareshwar Statue

Marble Sarswati Statue

Marble Religious Statues

 Black Marble Maa Kali Statue

 Marble Garud Statue

 Marble Jalaram

 Marble Khodiyar Statue

 Marble Jhulelal Statue

 Marble Baba Ramdev Statue

 Marble Ganga Ji Statue

 God Marble Statue

 Marble Hanuman Statue

 Marble Buddha Statue

 Religious Idols

 Black Marble Vishnu Statue

Marble Decorative Items

 Marble Painting

 Marble Designer Table

 White Marble Stand

Marble Elephant Statue

 Black Marble Elephant

 Marble Nandi Statue

Marble Lady Figures

 Decorative Statue Lady Figure

 Closeout Lady Figure

 Stock Lady Figure

Marble God & Goddess Statues

 Vishnu & Lakshmi Ji Statue

 God Vishnu Statues

 Lord Vishnu Ji Idol

 Laksmi & Vishnu Ji Statue

 Lord Vishnu Ji Statues

 God & Goddess Statue

 Goddess Marble Statues

Marble Bani Thani Statues

 Bani Thani Marble Statue

 Bani Thani Walking Statue

 Colored Bani Thani Statues

 Black Bani Thani Statue

 Decorative Bani Thani Statue

 Marble Bani Thani Idols

 Marble Black Bani Thani Statue

Marble Jaleri Statues

 Jaleri Idol

 Jaleri Marble Statue

 Jaleri God Statue

Saraswati Marble Statue

 Marble Saraswati Statue

 White Elegant Marble Saraswati

 Saraswati Devi Statues

 Saraswati Devi Idols

 Colored Saraswati Devi Statues

 Saraswati Ji idol

 Saraswati Marble Statue

 Saraswati Moorti

Marble Goddess Statues

 Saraswati Marble Idol

 Marble Khodiyar Statue

Marble Temples

 Marble Temples

 Marble Temple with Inlay Work

Marble Shiva Statue

 Lord Shiva Statues

 Marble Shiva Statue

 Marble Shiv Parvati Statue

 Marble God Idols

Marble Laxmi Statue

 Marble Laxmi Murti

 Marble Laxmi Statue

 Marble Dhan Laxmi Statue

Marble Goswami Tulsidas Statue

 Goswami Tulsidas Statue

Marble Vishnu Laxmi Statue

 Marble Laxmi Naryan Statue

 Marble Laxmi Narayan Statue

Marble Ganesh Idols

 Lord Ganesha Idols

 Shree Ganesha Idol

 Designer Ganesha Idol

Marble Ganesh Murti

 Marble Ganapati Murti

 God Ganesh Murti

 Ganpati Murti

Marble Meera Bai Statue

 Meera Bai Statue

Sai Baba Marble Statue

Dwarkamai Marble Statue

 Sai Baba Marble Statue

Marble Ram Sita Statues

 Ram Seeta Marble Statues

Gemstone Statues

 Crystal Ganesh Statue

 Gemstone Ganesha Statue

Marble Shesh Shaiya Statue

Marble Lady Meditation Figure

 Lady Meditation Figure

Marble Jain Statue

 Marble Buddha Statue

 Marble Standing Buddha Statue

 White Marble Buddha Statue

 White Marble Mahaveer Swami Statue

New Items

 Telephone Stand with Marble Work

 Elephant Statue

 Marble Elephant

 Narsimha God Statues

 Ram Seeta Statues

 Seeta Ram Statues

 Pashuram Ji With Jaleri

 Indian God Statues

 Marble Mahavir Swami

 Marble Mahaveer Swami Moorti

 Indian God Statue

 Marble Swami Narayan Statue

 Marble Mahaveer Swami Statue

 Marble Sai Baba

 Marble Sai Baba Moorti

 Marble Temple

Marble Durga Idol

 Marble Durga Statue

 Durga Mata Statue

 Kali Durga Ji Statue

 White Durga Mata Statue

 Durga Mata Colored Statue

 Ma Durga Moorti

 Durga Statue

Modern Marble Work

 Modern Art

 Black Coated Ganesh Statue

 Modern Art Statue

 Modern Art Black Marble

 Marble Black Statue

 Marble Modern Art

 Marble Statue

 Stone Sculpture

Marble Hanuman Statues

 God Marble Statue

 Shri Hanuman Statue

 Hanuman Colored Idol

 Colored Hanuman Ji Idol

 Hanuman Ji Idols

 Pawan Putra Hanuman Statue

 Hanuman Ji Statues

 Hanuman Statue

 Marble Hanuman Statue

Marble Shivling

 Marble Shivling

 Black Shivling Idols

 Jaleri Black Coated Statue

 Black Coated Jaleri

 Black Shivling Statue

 Multi Head Jaleri

 Shiva Statues

 Shivling Statues

 Black Coated Jaleri Statue

 Black Marble Shivling

Marble Nandi Statue

 Black Nandi

Our Workforce

The workforce is an integral part of any organization. Employees are the first and foremost reason behind the success and growth of any company. They are the most precious assets of any organization. In today's business world, people work in different teams and work to achieving same organizational goal. In our firm also we believe in working together as a team and manufacture a desired range of products. In our company the roles and responsibilities are defined in a very systematic way in order to avoid goof-ups and delays the orders. While hiring people we make sure that our employees should have some or the other expertise in their respective domain . Such kind of selection procedure ensures the best output from them. Our entire team comprises:

  • Sculptors
  • Craftsmen
  • Artisan
  • Warehouse staff
  • Logistic staff
  • Quality controllers

Our Robust Infrastructure

Our modern and robust infrastructure is located in the heart of Jaipur. Backed by all advanced technologies and latest machinery is capable enough to produce and deliver the bulk order at stipulated time period. Our entire structure is divided into different units so that the work flow should not get affected in any way. The departments come under this facility are:

  • Quality testing department
  • Warehouse unit
  • Designing and packaging unit
  • marketing and sales unit
  • Production Unit

H.No. 1455, Khunteton Ka Rasta, Kishanpole Bazar, Jaipur - 302001, Rajasthan, India
Phone :+917259688716
Mr. Nitesh Sharma (Proprietor)
Mobile :+917259688716

Product Showcase
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